my wheelhouse

I have an enthusiastic focus in UX, product, visual design & other emerging technologies

In the course of my design career, I have worked for leading fortune 500 companies to drive major initiatives and see many projects through to launch. My previous opportunities have required me to demonstrate my leadership capacities, collaborative strengths and innovative creativity. I appreciate interactive design models, and though I work well in these kinds of environments, I also thrive as an independent self-starter. I have a passion for being immersed in the full lifecycle of end to end projects. Whether I'm in the ground-level stages of discovery work, interacting with cross-disciplinary partners, gathering insights from user research or producing final deliverables, I'm fascinated by the learning, inspiration and rewards that come from these design phases. Ultimately, I am always curious to question and then question some more. I embrace interactions with multiple groups of partners because I believe that there is much to learn from diverse perspectives. I honor user needs and make this a habitual practice and mindset in my daily work. I am currently designing for ebay on the Managed Payments Intermediation team.  Find out more