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I am a multifaceted creator with an emphasis in Product & Visual Design

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in a nutshell

My design wheelhouse

I have worked for leading fortune 500 companies to drive major initiatives and see many projects through to launch. My previous opportunities have required me to demonstrate both my leadership and teamwork capacities. I thrive in collaborative environments that champion innovation, diversity and creative empowerment, but I am also successful as an independent self-starter.

I have a passion for being immersed in the full lifecycle of end to end projects. Whether I'm in the ground-level stages of discovery work, collaborating with cross-functional partners, gathering insights from user research or producing final deliverables, I love the inspiration, learning and rewards that come from these design phases. I am always curious to question and then question some more. I embrace diverse perspectives and constantly encourage myself to grow as both a designer and individual. I make user empathy a habitual practice and mindset in my daily work.

I am eager to explore the next adventure in my design career and am now open to new opportunities.

Fun Fact: I’m a certified yoga and meditation instructor with 500+ hours of training. Learn more


featured projects

My UX work

I have worked for top enterprises and small scale start-ups in markets such as Fintech, ecommerce, cybersecurity and more. I strive to empathize with diverse users by creating simple, compliant and intuitive experiences.

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UX design for Managed Payments Intermediation

Lead product designer for the US and DE Onboarding and KYC end to end experiences - an initiative to simplify the payments experience for buyers and sellers by innovating the the front end interaction

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UX design for, Mobile & Ethos strategy

Lead designer for a brand guidelines initiative, created next-gen UX solutions for 3 Chase iOS products, team lead/designer for the domain


my process

I design from start to finish

I am a firm believer in design thinking processes. By having a solid method in place, designers can establish strong foundational understanding and reach the desired goals of any project. With a fluid process, and inviting flexibility as needed, it is the key to success. 


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discover & iterate

I love digging into challenges and understanding user needs. At the ground-level of discovery work, I seek out competitive inspiration to inform what is possible now and what is the ideal vision for the future. Through creating personas, journey maps, wireframes, and prototypes, I can experiment and begin to capture optimal solutions. This conceptualization gradually evolves into new useful realities.

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collaborate & define

Framing the challenge and proposing a strategy is crucial to receiving buy-in from multiple stakeholders. Efficient communication is fundamental to allowing a project to advance. I’ve learned that with persistent interaction amongst cross functional partners, the top goals become clear, diverse perspectives improve the process and it creates a sense of inclusion and engagement. Strong teamwork leads to wins.

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test & deliver

At the core of great UX, the customer is the prime focus. Effective design helps users to build trust with products, enables ease of use and invokes positive emotional value. Assessing user feedback is critical to measuring success. Gathering insights provides validation in order to determine what users want and why. I aim to deliver compelling experiences that are simple, approachable and unique.


I look forward to connecting with you!

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Koren is one of the top UX professional I have worked with, in my 13 year career. She is an action-oriented leader who displays tremendous ownership and delivers quality design. She is a true professional, a great listener and detail oriented. Koren is a great team player, approachable and innovative.

Kunal Shah
Sr. Product Manager

She possesses intangible design acumen. She is very intelligent and is able to provide clear reasoning. She successfully communicated with multiple stakeholders to identify and solve complex challenges. Koren was a treasured member of JP Morgan Chase.

Anna Wang
Sr. UX Designer

Her ability to handle multiple projects in a short duration was unlike any I've seen before which really helped us meet the deadlines. Koren makes the life of engineering team easy. Very creative and good in orchestrating unified experiences across devices.

Prabhu Pandurangan
Software engineer

Koren is hands down one of the best UX professionals I've worked with. Her forward thinking nature showed that she was always going above and beyond on projects. Her patience in stressful times means she can lead difficult discussions and get multiple stakeholders to successful decisions.

Padraic Wheeler
Sr. Content Strategist


fun facts

What you may not be able to find on LinkedIn, I also love…


I love getting my thoughts down on paper. To me, writing is a tool to gain better clarity, promote self-expression and inspire others through sharing like-minded topics. I’ve written public articles on mindfulness and enjoy blogging on a range of interests like yoga/meditation, women’s empowerment, holistic health and more.
My yoga blog
Public articles


Traveling always brings out my inner sense of curiosity, adventure and interest to explore diverse cultures. I’ve travelled both internationally and throughout the U.S., seeing a range of wonders from Nepalese temples, ancient pyramids, coral reefs, icebergs, some of the worlds tallest skyscrapers and oldest architecture. At a high-level:

  • 10 countries (outside of the U.S.)

  • 22 U.S. states


For the record, I’m a dog person (I’m allergic to cats), but, I’m an all-around animal lover at heart. I currently have a dog named Baron, and throughout my life, I’ve generally lived with at least 2-3+ dogs at a time. The most interesting pets I’ve ever had we’re 2 sugar gliders. When flipping through Netflix, I sometimes nerd out on Planet Earth type shows.

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Whether I’m strolling through a park, sipping on wine at a vineyard, hiking, snowboarding, outdoor yoga-ing, etc., I embrace outdoor activity any chance that I get. A few highlights we’re zip lining through the jungles of Costa Rica, hiking to the Haleakalā Volcano in Maui and tubing down the Don Diego river in Colombia. Having grown up in Reno, I will always have a love for Tahoe as well!

If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.
— Steve Jobs